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Hugo Boss is a global and established premium brand with a sophisticated, sharp elegance at it’s core. For almost 20 years Hugo Boss has launched fragrances, with the most successful line under the BOSS brand named BOTTLED fragrances, which are all rooted in the perfect preparation for success. The overall design of BOSS fashion, accessories and fragrances is sharp, clean with an attention to detail.
The BOTTLED line which consists of 3 fragrances: BOTTLED Day, BOTTLED Night and BOTTLED Sport is complete. As such, the brand is looking to establish a NEW fragrance line for BOSS with a new fragrance packaging targeting two new consumers:
1. Achievement
This is the mature and sophisticated male. One who is assertive and has achieved “it all.” One who is a little older, and a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Achievement and accomplishment are what are important to him, rather than preparation.
2. Attraction
This is for the younger 30-year old male, who is provoking in a daring way. He is an elegant and and a desirable seducer.

Creative Challenge
Your challenge is to help BOSS appeal to the mature sophisticated achievement oriented male and the younger stylish seducer male by designing new fragrance packaging for each of them.
The new bottle and packaging should be different in shape, color, material and look as compared to the BOTTLED line, but should still have some unmistakable BOTTLED design elements.
On the bottle, you are free to use the logo either in a vertical or horizontal way.
For the packaging, you may use the BOSS logo in the way that best suits your design – either as just BOSS or BOSS HUGO BOSS.
The ideas should not be crazy and radical, but should be evolutionary and recognizable as a BOSS fragrance. Think about engaging and creative ways of creating packaging designs for the achievement and attraction males.




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