Create a hilarious or incredibly surprising video or animation of your own interpretation of: “You don’t just eat ‘em, you _____ ‘em!”

Pringles potato chips, seriously, how good are they? They come in a perfectly crispy stack, full of flavor, stored in the iconic Pringles can and really are the ultimate snack for people who want a fun, yummy nibble that hits the spot.
So here is some good news - Pringles decided to innovate with a new delicious flavor that you’re going to be mad about… Chili & Sour Cream! Can you imagine how incredible this new flavor is going to be? A most popular chili flavor with an exciting touch of that famous Pringles Sour Cream. Makes your mouth water already, doesn’t it?
Your job is to get the word out and make sure that everyone tastes this awesome potato chip! You need to convince everyone with a mouth to give this incredibly tasty, new snack a try, through creativity and originality. Creative Challenge.
Knock us off our feet with incredibly creative and interesting print ad that convinces snackers everywhere to try the new and amazing Pringles flavor - Chili & Sour Cream because it is the ultimate premium taste and fun!

Two guns - equal to two tubes of Pringles – fire out and mix two different flavours, hot chili and sour cream, generating a brand new taste in a pretty unique and new Pringle.
The graphics catch the attention thanks to bright and cheerful colours . It represents a joyful and jocose scene in a dynamic way, as required for a target audience of young people of age 18-34. The gay and playful atmosphere stirs up empathy in the communication, to avoid that the message can get lost. The visual is different from the others because it represents a dream and not ordinary “real” young people who are eating ordinary “real” chips on an ordinary couch in their ordinary parents' home. The colours relate to the dream.




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