Beer Display

Create the perfect in-store display for a beer that matches a sophisticated dinner at home.

You've invited a few guests round for dinner at your home next Saturday: two good old friends, a couple who recently arrived in the neighborhood and two colleagues. You will try some new recipes, pairing them with beers you’d like to try.
You like the atmosphere of these Saturday nights where many topics are discussed, from someone’s last exotic holiday to a new wine tasting. When it comes to beer, you are very interested in the brewing and production process. You enjoy the full experience of opening, pouring, smelling, tasting… savoring the beer! For you, pairing beer with food is important, as well as the origin, the crafts, the ingredients… You like to taste and try new beers.
Now you have to do your shopping for this occasion. You walk through the supermarket aisles, asking questions to the sales assistant, hesitating to buy this wine that many friends have been talking about, when suddenly you notice a beer brand. THIS beer seems to be the perfect match for the gathering you have planned for next Saturday. It is advertised in a way that makes you think: this is what my friends and I will love. Tell us more about how this beer is advertised in the store that appealed so much to you.




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