Listerine Share the story of your mouth!


Share the story of your mouth!

We rarely think about it, but we put our mouths through a lot everyday: from pens to lollipops, and keys to stickytape. We eat, we bite, we lick, we hold, we drink – and it’s the job of Listerine® to kill the germs that build-up in your mouth throughout the day.
Through an off-beat, witty, funny, creative 30-60 second video / animation bring to life what you put your mouth through and how Listerine® takes care of it.
The greater variety the better, so don't just stick to food and drink, remember all the other everyday objects you put in your mouth on a daily basis. You might like to bring the teeth and gums to life as the brand has done it to show how much they're victimised day in, day out, or you can come up with your very own take on what’s going on in there ;)




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