Show us what amazing offer TOYOTA could give to car buyers, besides a car!

What makes you want to buy a car? Obviously, it is the convenience, the freedom, the prestige and the great feeling that come with owning a car. But besides the greatness of the car itself, what will motivate you to make the decision? Price discounts and low rate finance schemes seem out-of-date and are losing their appeal. So what could make buying a car more appealing and what could make the deal more attractive?
TOYOTA wants to offer its customers something amazing, besides a car, which will encourage them to buy a car, while giving them a feeling of benefit and reward– a deal so irresistible that will make them want to run to the dealership immediately.
Create an innovative and engrossing poster showing what amazing value-added offer TOYOTA can give you, besides a car, to make buying a car a cooler and a more appealing decision. Go beyond the gimmicks like price discount or cheap fuel and create a revolutionary and irresistible offer that no other car brand has ever given to its customers.
Your idea should be truly original, refreshing and innovative enough to completely change people’s perception about buying a car – you are not just buying a car, you are buying something amazing. It should generate thrill and excitement that will draw people to the dealership.




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