Show us how you can enjoy more of life with Actimel

Actimel’s probiotic yoghurt drink strengthens your body’s natural defenses to make you feel strong (mentally & physically), positive, enthusiastic and active. Show us how you can enjoy more of life with Actimel by being always ready to turn life’s daily challenges into enjoyable moments.
Format: A creative, fresh and original 30 to 45 seconds video/animation focusing on a strong idea with Actimel as the enabler to being strong for life. Your video must be active, enthusiastic, and convivial to reach anyone from 25 to 75 years old who also think that life is for living and that Actimel makes you feel strong for it!
Be careful, even though we want humorous, positive and surprising videos, you have to stay realistic and show a daily situation: Actimel is not an energy drink for a quick boost, it does not make you a super hero and gives you wings ;) But Actimel supports you for a great day: you feel active the whole day, and when back from work you can still be light and fresh to enjoy all that life has to offer. What you found difficult doesn't bother you anymore, you enjoy and have fun solving problems, finding solutions and helping others. Want to beat a friend at chess? Hit a soccer ball with your grandson? Support your favorite football team live at the stadium? Work on a side business idea you've been pushing back for a while? Bring down the wall and redecorate your living room? Decide to learn Chinese? With Actimel you will be able to enjoy life even more everyday.




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